Oral Presentations will be 12 min for the talk and 3 min for Q&A. (Laptops can be connected to the projector)

Easels for the posters and poster boards to mount the paper posters onto will be provided.

Robot Demo Teaser Talks are 5 mins each.

 Monday Aug 6, 2018
Tuesday Aug 7, 2018Wednesday Aug 8, 2018 
8.30 RegistrationRegistration Registration8.30
9.00Oral Presentations: Autonomous search and rescue Oral Presentations 4:  Human-robot interaction and interfaces for search and rescueOral Presentations 5:  Perception, Localication, Mapping for search, detection, and identification9.00
10.30Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break10.30
11.00Plenary Talk: Sanjiv SinghPlenary Talk: Mark YimPlenary Talk: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová11.00
13.30 Oral Presentations 2: Robotics and Automation for inspection, assessment, safety, and security     Poster/Robot Demo Teaser Talks Oral Presentations 6: Unmanned Systems  &  Multi-agent coordination 13.30
14.00Travel to Pennovation 14.00
14.30Coffee Break/Robot Demos/Poster Presentations14.30
15.00Coffee BreakCoffee Break15.00
15.30Oral Presentations 3: Intelligent Robotic behaviors for safety and security applicationsOral Presentations 7: Autonomy for safety and security15.30
16.30PERCH Tour16.30
17.00Welcome ReceptionClosing Reception17.00
18.00 Banquet18.00

Detailed Program

Oral Presentations 1: Autonomous search and rescue  Snake Robot Urban Search after the 2017 Mexico City EarthquakeJulian Whitman, Nico Zevallos, Matthew Travers, Howie Choset
The RoboCup Rescue Victim DatasetPeter Lorenz, Gerald Steinbauer
Planning Large-Scale Search and Rescue Using Team of UAVs and Charging StationsBingxi Li, Sharvil Patankar, Barzin Moridian, Nina Mahmoudian
A Policy Synthesis-Based Framework for Robot Rescue Decision-Making in Multi-Robot Exploration of Disaster SitesSarah Al-Hussaini, Jason M. Gregory, Satyandra K. Gupta
Theoretical Limitations of Visual Navigation of Lifesaving USV Using Small UASJan Dufek, Robin Murphy
Wave-Aware Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Operating in Congested EnvironmentsPradeep Rajendran, Travis Moscicki, Jared Wampler, Brual C. Shah, Karl von Ellenrieder, Satyandra K. Gupta
Oral Presentations 2: Robotics and Automation for inspection, assessment, safety, and security      A Mobile Robot for Automated Civil Infrastructure Inspection and EvaluationLuan Nguyen, Gibb Spencer, Huy Pham, Hung La
I-TIM: A Robotic System for Safety, Measurements, Inspection and Maintenance in Harsh EnvironmentsMario Di Castro, Maria Laura Baiguera Tambutti, Manuel Ferre, Roberto Losito, Giacomo Lunghi, Alessandro Masi
Precision Fully-Actuated UAV for Visual and Physical Inspection of Structures for Nuclear Decommissioning and Search and RescueRichard Voyles, Guangying Jiang
Autonomous Robot Navigation with Rich Information Mapping in Nuclear Storage EnvironmentsMaozhen Wang, Xianchao Long, Peng Chang, Taskin Padir
Decentralized MPC Based Obstacle Avoidance for Multi-Robot Target Tracking ScenariosRahul Tallamraju, Sujit Rajappa, Michael Black, Kamalakar Karlapalem, Aamir Ahmad
Time-Efficient Target Guarding Using Constrained Optimization in 3D SpaceGuilherme Aramizo Ribeiro, Nina Mahmoudian, Mo Rastgaar
Oral Presentations 3: Intelligent Robotic behaviors for safety and security applicationsReinforcement Learning for Autonomous UAV Navigation Using Function ApproximationHuy Pham, Hung La, David Feil-Seifer, Luan Nguyen
Robot Navigation of Environments with Unknown Rough Terrain Using Deep Reinforcement LearningKaicheng Zhang, Farzad Niroui, Maurizio Ficocelli, Goldie Nejat
Learning Navigation Tasks from Demonstration for Semi-Autonomous Remote Operation of Mobile RobotsBarzin Moridian, Anurag Kamal, Nina Mahmoudian
Neural Network Aided Information Theoretic ExplorationHantian Liu, M. Ani Hsieh
Minimalistic Neural Network Architectures for Safe Navigation of Small Mobile RobotsXinyue Kan, Konstantinos Karydis
Reinforcement Learning with Non-Uniform State Representations for Adaptive SearchSandeep Manjanna, Herke van Hoof, Gregory Dudek
Oral Presentations 4: Human-robot interaction and interfaces for search and rescueHuman Spatio-Temporal Attention Modeling Using Head Pose Tracking for Implicit Object of Interest Discrimination in Robot AgentsCorey Johnson, Lynne Parker
User Interface for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Used to Rescue Drowning VictimsGrant Wilde, Robin Murphy
Human Supervised Multirotor UAV System Design for Inspection ApplicationsMohammad Shaqura, Khalid Alzuhair, Fadl Abdellatif, Jeff Shamma
Aerial-Ground Collaborative Sensing: Third-Person View for TeleoperationAbel Roman Gawel, Yukai Lin, Theodore Nicolas Koutros, Roland Siegwart, Cesar Cadena Lerma
Come See This! Augmented Reality to Enable Human-Robot Cooperative SearchChristopher M. Reardon, Kevin Lee, Jonathan Fink
Learning-Based Air Data System for Safe and Efficient Control of Fixed-Wing Aerial VehiclesKrzysztof Choromanski, Vikas Sindhwani, Brandon Jones, Damien Jourdan, Maciej Chociej, Byron Boots
Oral Presentations 5:  Perception, Localication, Mapping for search, detection, and identificationSeeing Signs of Danger: Attention-Accelerated Hazmat Label DetectionMahmoud A. Mohamed, Jan Tünnermann, Bärbel Mertsching
Casualty Detection from 3D Point Cloud Data for Autonomous Ground Mobile Rescue RobotsRoni Permana Saputra, Petar Kormushev
Visual Multimodal Odometry: Robust Visual Odometry in Harsh EnvironmentsSebastian Patrik Kleinschmidt, Bernardo Wagner
Humanoid Vision Design for Object Detection, Localization and Mapping in Indoor EnvironmentsYuki Omori, Tomonari Furukawa, Tatsuya Ishikawa, Masayuki Inaba
Benchmarking Structure from Motion Algorithms of Urban Environments with Applications to Reconnaissance in Search and Rescue ScenariosAngel Martell, Helge Lauterbach, Klaus Schilling, Andreas Nuechter
Putting Image Manipulations in Context: Robustness Testing for Safe PerceptionZachary Pezzementi, Trenton Tabor, Samuel Yim, Jonathan Chang, William Drozd, David Guttendorf, Michael Wagner, Philip Koopman
Oral Presentations 6: Unmanned Systems  &  Multi-agent coordination A Hybrid, Actively Compliant Manipulator/Gripper for Aerial Manipulation with a MulticopterLiam Kruse, Justin Bradley
Indoor UAV Localization Using a TetherXuesu Xiao, Yiming Fan, Jan Dufek, Robin Murphy
Design of Aerial Manipulator Suitable for a UAV with Two Passive Rotating Hemispherical ShellsKenjiro Tadakuma, Carl John Salaan, Eri Takane, Yoshito Okada, Kazunori Ohno, Satoshi Tadokoro
Investigation of the Tip-Over Condition and Motion Strategy for a Tracked Vehicle with Sub-Tracks Climbing Over an Obstacle on a SlopeRyosuke Yajima, Keiji Nagatani
Quantitative Data Analysis: CRASAR Small Unmanned Aerial Systems at Hurricane HarveyOdair Fernandes, Robin Murphy, Justin Adams, David Merrick
Penguin Huddling-Inspired Energy Sharing and Formation Movement in Multi-Robot SystemsTamzidul Mina, Byung-Cheol Min
Oral Presentations 7: Autonomy for safety and securityStudy of Operator’s Line of Sight in Unmanned Construction SystemsTakeshi Hashimoto, Genki Yamauchi, Ken'ichi Fujino, Shinichi Yuta, Kazuyoshi Tateyama
Predictive Path Planning Algorithm Using Kalman Filters and MTL RobustnessSarra Alqahtani, Samuel Taylor, Ian Riley, Gamble Rose, Roger Mailler
Real-Time Graph-Based 3D Reconstruction of Sparse Feature Environments for Mobile Robot ApplicationsDaniel Gaspers, Christoph Knorr, Tobias Nickchen, Daniel Nickchen, Bärbel Mertsching, Mahmoud A. Mohamed


Preliminary Results on Instantaneous UAV-Based 3D Mapping for Rescue ApplicationsHelge Lauterbach, Andreas Nuechter
Thermal Stereo System for Visible Range Extension of Disaster RobotSeung-Hun Kim, Jaeheung Park
Potential Field Implementation for Move-To-Victim Behavior for a Lifeguard Assistant Unmanned Surface VehicleRebecca Schofield, Grant Wilde, Robin Murphy
Augmented Reality in Human-Robot Cooperative SearchKevin Lee, Christopher M. Reardon, Jonathan Fink
Use of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Tactical Response During Kilauea Volcano Lower East Rift Zone EventJustin Adams, Laura Hart, Jon McBride, David Merrick, Robin Murphy